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We are Citizens is a European art project by De Academie voor Beeldvorming. Two artists from Dutch Brabant settle among the inhabitants of a neighbourhood in Košice (SK), Cultural Capital of Europe 2013.

Simultaneously two other Brabantian artists are working from the Annahuis in Breda (NL). In both cities they are working with key figures from the Roma culture. This project is the first of a large series of European ‘mirror’ projects. Minority or not, inhabitants of a city are being mirrored.The relation between inhabitants will be shown in a new light by constructing a new reality that reflects how they relate to the self and the other. Often we as humans talk about (groups of people), yet not to and with them.

By portraying key figures from Roma communities as citizens of a city we try to lift the curtain to show the person behind the prejudice. The artists, Roma, stakeholders and other citizens of the cities will use Facebook, Skype and other means to keep track of each others process. Interested? Follow the project and influence it though the Facebook page ‘We are Citizens’.

The results of this art project are a series of works consisting of various disciplines and media. (visual art, film, music, sound clips, photography and text, resulting in a publication and website) An essay will be written by scientists and artists to be included in the publication.